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Bethlehem Farmers Market

Bethlehem Farmers Market
1 Farrington Sq., New & Morton Sts., Bethlehem
Thursdays 10 AM – 2 PM; May – October

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EBT & FMNP Vouchers accepted by some vendors
Fresh Food Bucks participant
FB: Bethlehem Farmers MarketPA   

The primary mission of the Bethlehem Farmers’ Market at Farrington Square
is to provide a safe and clean environment in which local farmers and
vendors are able to sell their products to the members of the Bethlehem
and greater Lehigh Valley communities. In doing so, the Bethlehem
Farmers’ Market also provides a space in which local Southside and
Lehigh University community members can come together, and seeks to
facilitate the interaction and integration of these two groups at a
market that offers a unique shopping and lunch experience. Central to
the success of the market is the education of community members. The
Bethlehem Farmers’ Market strives to highlight the importance of proper
nutrition and inform our patrons of the economic and social benefits of
buying locally, from producer-only vendors. The market aims to select
vendors who offer products that both appeal to our customers and abide
by the Buy Fresh, Buy Local guidelines of the Greater Lehigh Valley
branch. The Bethlehem Farmers’ Market supports Lehigh University’s
Campus Sustainability Plan and Master Plan.

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